February 2, 2018 will mark the beginning of a new era for Moxie & Rebel. After signing with Log Boom Records in the start of 2017, the original rock band from Central Pennsylvania is set to release its third studio album, “You Are Not Alone”.  Band members Joe Jaser (guitar/vocals), Chris Hess (guitar/vocal), Tim Harer (bass), Tim Redka (keys/vocals), and Mike Wrench (drums) set out to record an album that can transcend the boundaries of time and space, allowing listeners not only a glimpse into these musician’s heart and soul but relate, even for a moment, to the overarching theme of connectedness.  We all strive for a connection in this ever-changing world and in some instances it seems as if those things are lost.  

“You Are Not Alone” is comprised of seven original songs recorded over an extended stay at Temperamental Recordings in Geneseo, New York.  As the album began to unfold, issues of addiction, infidelity and desperation define the underbelly of our culture and the issues facing us today not just as citizens of a country or state, but members of the human race.  But with all that pain and disgust enter those that can pull you from the depths, individuals that understand that everyday life is not easy, and saviors that can help in times of personal upheaval.  Always remember that you are not alone…

With help from Mike Brown and Al Weatherford, Moxie & Rebel retains the raw rock and roll sound that has been their calling card over the last six years.  “You Are Not Alone” highlights all that is great about Moxie & Rebel original music but the ability to grow and adapt defines this album, both musically and personally. Painstakingly working to be great musicians or diligently navigating the craziness of life cannot be accomplished on our own.  We need to know that we are not alone on these journeys.  

Come celebrate this achievement with Moxie & Rebel on February 2, 2018 at the Cell Block in downtown Williamsport. Patrons get a fresh copy of the album with the ticket price and one great night of rock and roll with friends.  Presale tickets are available at The Bar on Market, Old School Pizza, Guitarley’s and K&S Music. 



Acoustic "Big Tipper"  Live at 40W4 Studio in Williamsport, PA


Just gonna leave this right here. HUGE thanks to Hodgepodge Records for everything they did for us in the making of this music video! Enjoy!!