Moxie and Rebel, comprised of Joe Jaser (singer/guitar), Chris Hess (singer/guitar), Tim Harer (bass), Tim Redka (keys) and Mike Wrench (drums), believe that a continuous evolution of music styles and a willingness and love to play will guide them through the often precarious music industry.  Moxie and Rebel’s motto is simple: music is not something created in a vacuum; music spills from us, escaping into moments of brilliance and instances of emotionality, and makes those human connections frequently missed in our culture. It is in these moments Moxie and Rebel realize the strength and sheer raw power of a screaming guitar or a catchy chorus.  It’s the unifying nature of music that ignites and powers this uniquely original band.






Moxie & Rebel has extensively played throughout their six year existence. Performing roughly 50+ live shows a year. We are so eager to spread our music like a wildfire. Here are some notable acts that Moxie has opened up for.

  • Misfits

  • Styx

  • Crobot

  • Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands Finalist Uproar Music Festival 2014 which enabled us to open up for (Godsmack, Skillet, Buckcherry, Pop Evil) etc.

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